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We all do it… Dream of our very own idealized living environment… Whether a new house, a whole house remodel, second floor addition, a room addition, or an exterior spruce-up, we all wonder what it would be like to transform our house into our imagined dream home. But how would we communicate that dream to anyone? How can anyone else see the dream house we have in mind? How, for example, could we convey to a contractor or an architect what our vision is in order for them to make it a reality for us? The ideas seem locked up in our heads without a tangible way to communicate them to others. If only we could build an experimental home for the express purpose of remodeling it according to our dreams. We could tear down walls, build new walls, raise ceilings, move doors, add windows and maybe even add a second story. We could finally see if our dream home really measures up to our true expectations. We would also have a really great way to communicate to that contractor or architect what our dream home really wants to look like. Wouldn’t that be nice? Of course it would be nice, but not practical. Besides, what if our imagined improvements don’t turn out to be all that ideal after all? And what if at the end of the day, we realize that we have been on a completely wrong track all along and that our true needs are a lot more modest than our grand dreams! What would we do then? Build another experimental house and start over again?

Now what if you could build your dream home in the realm of virtual reality? You could walk through it, live in it, look out of windows, walk out onto the balcony, study the roof lines, take in the views and observe the neighboring homes. Think about it. You could build this virtual home without buying or nailing-in a single 2×4 stud! And if after its built, you realize a thing or two have to be changed, you can do it instantly without having to tear down a wall or swing a hammer even once! Now what if we told you that all this can actually be done and that we do it all the time for clients just like you!
If you have a floor plan, perhaps a simple sketch, a photo or simply an idea, we can transform it into a living, functioning virtual space for you to experience and “live in”. Today’s 3D computer technology allows all of this to happen quickly and efficiently! So contact us today. Show us that sketch (the one on the back of the napkin) you have been saving to implement some day. This is that day and we are the people to turn that dream into a virtual reality for you.

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So you have a plan or an idea about how to improve your home. Enlighten us. Let us take your plan, study it, adapt it to standard building practices, digitize it and finally bring it to life with walls, ceilings and roofs. The virtual process is just like the real one. Start at the foundation and work up to the roof. In between, put in walls, windows, doors, lights, light switches, fireplaces, kitchens, baths, surround speakers, smoke detectors, security systems, furniture, dinner plates, candles, flowers… Yes, there is no end to the level of detail which can be incorporated into your model. You decide how much or how little you need to fully visualize the finished product. After all, It’s your virtual home.

As with most people, you too will want to place your furniture in your new living spaces to see how the “old stuff” fits in with your contemplated new living space. Is the couch too small or too big for the room? Will the king size bed fit on that wall or will you need to downsize to a queen? Will a canopy bed work with the new ceiling height? Is that really the color you wanted on that wall? “Click” and now it’s a different color! Is that really the brick you picked out to go on the outside of your house? Wouldn’t stacked stone have been a better choice? Does it all work with the color of the roof? Does it work with the trim color on the windows? “Click”, “click” and “click” and now you’re sure, because it’s there and you are looking at it and it looks great! And oh by-the-way, you can run up the balcony and look… just to be sure that you can finally see the view over the neighbor’s roof Isn’t that a relief!

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Three Dimensional (3D) spaces are hard to visualize. How many times have you stared down at a two dimensional (2D) architectural plan and wondered what it really means? What is an RCP and why does it look upside down? You’re looking at a roof plan but can’t visualize what the roof lines are actually going to look like. What’s a gable roof and how is it different from a hip roof? And have you ever suppressed a question in fear of demonstrating your lack of plan-reading skills? Of course you have! Let’s face it, plans are difficult to “read” and even those in the business sometimes have difficulty reading them. How do you think construction mistakes happen? Some carpenter who is supposed to know how to read plans misreads them and there it is, the roof pitch is wrong! And you, who are perhaps looking at your first ever set of plans are supposed to understand and approve them? Incidentally, in case you were wondering, RCP stands for Reflected Ceiling Plan. Did that help any? No, because you’re (understandably) still confused about the “reflected” part). Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to actually look at the ceiling and the roof of your dream home in the natural way in which you are accustomed? To be placed in a room so you can look up at the ceiling and actually see the crown molding, the lights, the chandelier? How about if you could “fly around” the outside of your dream home and see the roof from all angles? Wouldn’t that be more effective than looking down at a flat piece of paper with lines on it?

This is why 3D models work best. They are the next best thing to actually being there. You can walk around a 3D space, go through doors, look out of windows, check the furniture placement, look at the ceiling, check out the door knobs and even examine the profile of the casing around the doors. See what you will be looking at from every vantage point in your virtual home as if you were really there. Get in the shower and look out onto your new bathroom. Get into the tub and look out the window from there. Notice that you can see the neighbors’ bedroom window while sitting there. Realize that the neighbor, in turn, can see you sitting where you are! And that gourmet kitchen you always wanted… Is the island always going to be in your way when you’re trying to get to the sink by the window? Wouldn’t it be nice to put another sink in the island so you wouldn’t have to walk so far? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to have a faucet over the stove to fill big pots with so you wouldn’t have to walk to the sink at all? Why not see all that and experience all that before you build the real thing and have to live with eternal regrets.

When we build you a virtual model of your dream home, Document Read Online Phd Thesis Social Sciences Buy A Paper - In this site is not the same as a solution calendar you purchase in a sticker album buildup or download off it will become real to you. You will receive a video walkthrough of all the spaces within your remodeled home for you to watch and to share. As you watch the video with friends and family, you will come to realize that they are not crazy about that pink wall you wanted over there and now that you have looked at it again, and everyone is making faces at it, perhaps you’re having second thoughts as well. You watch the video repeatedly and gradually, you will begin to feel like you have been living there. You will anticipate every detail around the corner as the virtual camera moves around your house and reveals the actual conditions you will encounter when the real remodel is done. And when and if you come across something that bothers you or makes no sense, you change it! Simple!

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Now that you have had the opportunity to watch the virtual walkthrough of your remodeled house, and have experienced living there and function there, you realize something. Besides that pink wall everyone objected to, there are a few other things that bother you. Perhaps the ceiling should be higher. The master toilet should be enclosed in room for privacy. Perhaps the refrigerator should be where the pantry cabinet is so that the elusive “work triangle” everyone talks about is finally achieved in your gourmet kitchen. Isn’t it great to know that you can affect these changes without watching your contractor make faces at you? And did you hear that “CHI-CHING” sound as he was making those faces? Our approach with the virtual remodel is that you can make these changes and refine the design prior to meeting with a contractor. No more “CHI-CHING” and no more arguing about change orders and time extensions. Simply tell your contractor to build you the physical version of the virtual model we build for you and it will be right!

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab in our website for more on this topic.

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Whether it’s a bathroom remodel you have in mind, a whole house remodel or even a whole new house. Knowing EXACTLY what the finished product will look like is the key to a successful project which gets completed on time and in budget. Let’s face it, most budget overruns occur because we either change something along the way ( because we don’t like the way its turned out ) or because we give in to temptation and choose a more expensive something or another than was budgeted. Both of these occur because we don’t have the finished product clearly engraved in our minds. The most compelling reason to create a virtual model of your dream home is that it affords you the freedom to explore a variety of design ideas which you would otherwise not dare try were you already underway with the real remodel. With our help and the aid of the virtual model, you can explore these alternative design ideas and make choices that suit your needs, your taste and your budget. The more we manipulate your virtual model and explore different options, the less likely you are to make changes during the actual remodel. You will waste no time and, more importantly, you will waste no money. If you take away only one thing from having visited our website today, it should be that go to site & PhD Dissertation Writing Services with Data Analysis, Questionnaire, Project Implementation, Video Guidance and Discussion understanding and knowing the exact look of your project ( before you start) will save you time and money! This is what our service is sure to deliver to you.

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Did you ever call in a contractor, expressed to him or her what your dream was only to have your dream crushed by their exorbitant estimate? Did you ever ask them to show you their estimate? Did they even have a written estimate? Did it have a comprehensive tabulation of the scope of work? Did it have a detailed breakdown of labor, material and equipment? For example, did you see the kitchen cabinet knobs on their estimate? Did it have the correct count for the knobs? Perhaps you didn’t see the knobs on the estimate at all. The contractor will later tell you (as you are trying to figure out where the knobs are) that he thought you were going to purchase and install them yourself! How about this…you wanted satin chrome faucets but you’re standing there looking at polished chrome faucets. No, you tell your contractor, that sanding them down to a satin finish is not an acceptable solution! The solution is to clearly state, up-front, that you want satin faucets. To put that requirement in a written scope of work (which we can prepare for you). To issue a contract on the basis of that scope of work and now, should polished faucets get installed by mistake, you have them taken out and replaced with satin faucets (without arguing or carrying on) because that’s what the scope of work and the contract specifies! Most importantly, you still have the upper hand because you have not paid for the faucets and are not going to pay until the proper faucets are installed.

To this end and as an additional service, we can prepare a comprehensive scope of work, tabulating EVERY ITEM OF WORK reflected in your virtual model. The tabulation will include an accurate material survey (take-off), a labor estimate, a material estimate or a subcontract estimate. Each tabulated line will become the line-item-budget for that specific scope of work. The overall tabulation will constitute your overall budget for the project. Call it the “road map” for staying on course as you purchase or contract out each segment of the work. Stay on the road map and you will stay on budget.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab in our website for more on this topic.

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So now you have a good model of your project, you have done the walkthrough, have satisfied yourself beyond a doubt that you have captured every detail of your dream remodel and you have even prepared a budget and you are finally ready to start. But are you really ready? Do you know how long it will take to complete your remodel? Know that time is money and the more time is spent on your project, the more it’s likely to cost. You need a project schedule to help you optimize your remodeling process.

As an additional service, we can prepare a detailed schedule for your project which will show the sequence of activities and the duration for each activity integrated such that it will bring about optimal results in the shortest possible time.

Imagine if you would, that you are doing a bathroom remodel. You have a plumber, electrician, drywall guy, tile guy, glass guy, painter and a carpenter all show up at the same time. Besides the obvious problem, that they can’t all fit in your bathroom at the same time, they can’t all do their work at the same time either. One trade’s work often depends on another trade’s work having been completed. A sequential process, if you will, rather than a parallel process. Knowing the proper sequence and scheduling it accordingly will greatly reduce chaos and ultimately save you money. As well, knowing how long each trade will need to complete each aspect of their work and properly reflecting that time frame in the schedule allows the trades to complete their work in an orderly and efficient manner ensuring quality workmanship. Know that if you rush the trades people, quality is bound to suffer.

Another consideration in properly scheduling your project is the matter of “lead times” from manufacturers and fabricators of the products you will need for your remodel. Take windows for example. What sense would it make to rush through and get the framing done if your windows aren’t going to arrive for another 8 weeks? What will the framing contractor and his carpenters do while you are waiting for your windows? Why not queue the start of the framing such that its completion coincides with the arrival of the windows. This way one activity can flow seamlessly into the next without loss of productivity. That’s planning and it should be an integral part of scheduling.
When you combine proper planning and work sequence and allow sufficient time for each element of work to be completed, you are assured of a smooth running, efficient and cost effective remodel process. This is what our scheduling service will do for you.

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